General rental conditions


For the rental

French law is only applicable to the contract



The tenant shall in no circumstances invoke any right to remain in the premises at the end of the rental period initially specified in this contract, unless otherwise agreed by the owner.

No modification (erasure, ...) will be accepted in writing the contract without the agreement of both parties.

The owner agrees not to disclose to any third party any information of any nature whatsoever, in any media whatsoever, the tenant has been made to give an opportunity to the performance of this contract.

These latter provisions are however not applicable in the case of inquiries that would be made by the government and / or the Courts.



The reservation becomes effective when the tenant has returned a copy of this agreement and the amount of down payment, 25% of the stay, before the date indicated on the front.

The balance of the rent will be paid on the day of arrival after the establishment of an inventory contradictory.

The Tenant agrees that the inspection may be carried out either by the owner or by a duly authorized agent of the owner and with a written power of attorney.



Beyond one night, the tenant pays his arrival a security deposit in addition to the balance of the rent  ( 30% of the rent amount, minimum 200 €; maximum  400 € ).

It will be returned at check-out, except in case of damages  where the maximum period shall be one month after the tenant's departuret, after deduction of the amounts by the owner to the tenant for rehabilitation places, various repairs, ...

The amount of these deductions must be duly justified by the owner on the basis of the state of output, bailiff, quotations, invoices, ...

If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to complete the sum on the basis of evidence provided by the owner.

The deposit shall in no case be considered as part payment of the rent.



The tenant will enjoy renting a peaceful manner and make good use according to the destination locations.

Upon his departure, the tenant agrees to leave the premises as clean as it will be found upon arrival.

All equipment listed in the inventory must be returned to the place it occupied when entering the premises.

Any repairs regardless of importance, made necessary by the negligence of the tenant during the rental period will be charged to.

The location can not benefit any third party, except by prior agreement of the owner.

Under lease to the lessee is prohibited under any pretext whatsoever, even for free, under penalty of termination. The full amount of rent retained by or due to the owner.

The premises are rented for residential use temporary or holiday, excluding any occupation, trade or craft of any kind whatsoever, or as complementary or occasional housing (maximum 3 months).

The installation of tents or caravans parked on the ground of the leased property is prohibited, except by prior agreement of the owner.

The owner will provide housing conforms to the description it has and will maintain in good order. In general, the tenant vacates the premises at the time stipulated in the contract or at a time convenient to the owner, after inventory.



The number of tenants may not exceed the maximum capacity indicated on the description.

In exceptional circumstances and subject to the consent of the owner, it can be made to this rule.

In this case, the owner will be entitled to receive a price premium that must be communicated to the tenant and previously recorded on the lease.




Any cancellation must be notified by letter:

a) Cancellation by the tenant:

Any termination of this contract by the tenant must be sent to the owner by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the address given in the beginning of this, the date of receipt by the authentic owner.

- If the cancellation is received more than 15 days before entering the premises, the owner shall return within 15 days of cancellation the full amount of the deposit paid by the tenant.

- If the cancellation occurs within the range of 14 to 6 days before entering the premises, the owner shall return within 15 days of cancellation 50% of the deposit paid by the tenant.

- If the cancellation occurs within less than 6 days before entering the premises, the owner retains the full amount of the deposit paid by the tenant.

Where, prior to entering the premises and whatever the time at which it occurs, the termination by the lessee is based on a case of force majeure duly justified, the owner must return within 15 days of such termination the entire of the deposit paid.


b) If the tenant does not appear on the day specified in the contract and after a period of 24 hours and without notifying the owner:

- This contract is considered terminated

- The deposit will be forfeited to the owner,

- The owner can dispose of his hire.

c) Cancellation by the owner:

Before entering the premises:

In the event of termination of this contract by the owner before entering the premises for any reason whatsoever except in cases of force majeure, it shall repay the tenant double the amount of the deposit received, plus interest at the statutory rate (the point starting amount of interest near the expiration of three months from the advance payment until the return). This refund will be sent to the tenant by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt within 15 days of the notification of termination.


After entering the premises:

When the contract is terminated by the owner occurs during the term of the lease, it must be duly justified (non-payment of rent, NSF issued by the tenant, proven damage to the leased premises, complaints from neighbors ...).

The cancellation must be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, led to the departure of the tenant within two days of receipt of the letter notifying him of the decision.

The owner reserves the right to retain the amount of the deposit under the conditions specified in paragraph "deposit (or deposit)."

Whatever the cause of the termination, the full amount of rent remains acquired to the owner.



In case of early termination of the stay by the tenant, and if the responsibility of the owner is not questioning, there will be no refund, except deposit.

If the tenant serious reasons with the characteristics of force majeure (unforeseeable, irresistible and outside the tenant) making it impossible to continue the lease, the contract is automatically terminated. The amount of rent already paid by Tenant is returned pro rata to the period of occupation that remained to be done.



The premises status and inventory of furniture and fittings will be made at the beginning and end of the stay by the owner or his agent and the tenant. In case of impossibility to conduct the inventory on arrival, the tenant will have 72 hours to check the inventory and report to owner displays the discrepancies. After this period, the leased assets are considered to be free of damage to the entry of the tenant.

An inventory contradictory output must be established. The Tenant agrees that the inspection may be performed either with the owner or a duly authorized agent of the owner and with a written proxy.

If the owner finds damage, it must notify the tenant within one week.



The tenant is obliged to ensure the room which is rented. It must therefore determine whether your home insurance policy covers holiday (vacation rental).

In the opposite case, it must intervene with his insurance company and claim the extended warranty or purchase a particular contract under clause "holiday".

A certificate of insurance will be required upon entry to the premises or alternatively a declaration on honor.



It is recommended to contact the Local Tourist Office (OT CCVG) that intervene to promote amicable settlement of disputes:

- If the contract was signed by the landlord and the tenant,

- If the claim is made within the first three days after the arrival, for any dispute concerning the condition, or the description,

- At the end of your stay for all other disputes.

For all disputes which may arise in the execution or termination of this contract, the courts of the place of the spring building subject of the lease are competent.